You go Emma Swan. Four for you Emma Swan.

I just wanted to say eff this. Eff you. And I effed it. I effed it all up.

"Do you know when I was born? On the twentieth of October, in the Year of Our Lord nineteen hundred and eighteen.”

H A P P Y  9 6 T H  B I R T H D A Y ,  S A S S E N A C H !


I’ll never forget. When I came out of the church and saw you for the first time. It was as if I stepped outside on a cloudy day … and suddenly the sun came out.


4-minute difference
(7:40am, 7:44am)


So, how was the date?
                 Was there a good night kiss?


Misha trying his hardest to speak Russian. [x]

Beautiful couples at the 200th episode party (x)